A New Version of “March Madness”

Perry Sampson, our now-cancelled speaker on March 25, has come up with a substitute for the NCAA Tournament to stoke your competitive urges:


Sadly, the NCAA has canceled the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.
Nonetheless, thanks to the Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering at the University of Michigan, the tournament continues  …but as a weather forecasting competition!The University of Michigan has taken the list of teams in ESPN’s bracketology for both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments and created a game wherein participants must forecast which of the competing school’s campuses will be warmer or colder on the day the basketball tournament would have been held. (OK, we also took the liberty of assigning Ohio State’s slot to Slippery Rock)

The WeatherDance is strictly about weather forecasting and, except for the selection of the 64 teams in each tournament, has nothing to do with basketball. Pick the team who’s campus is warmer or colder (depending on the round). You can change your selections up to midnight before a game is played.

There’s still time to invite others and you can create local teams if you’d like to create your own competition. Modest prizes (and infinite glory) are awarded for winners in both the Men’s and Women’s WeatherDance tournaments.

If we have to self-isolate we can at least have some fun!
Let the games begin! https://www.weatherdance.org