2022 Grant Awardees Recognized at Gladwin Farms

On June 2, 2022, Community Grant awardees were recognized at a reception at Gladwin Farms. The 2022 recipient list is below and can also be found here.  There was well rounded gathering of Rotarians and awardees.


Corner Health Center Patient Assistance at the Center
Food Gatherers Summer Food Service Program
Girls Group Saturday Service Program
SOS Community Services Parents as Teachers (PAT) Program
Student Advocacy Center K-3 Summer Reading Advocacy Program
Washtenaw Literacy Expand LIFT (Learning is a Family Thing) Program
Buenos Vecinos (Jewish Family Services) Jovenes Tejedores (Young Weavers) Program
North Star Reach Virtual Camp-at-Home Experience
Peace Neighborhood Center Leadership Development Camp
Foundations Preschool Camperships for summer pre-school program
Summer Camp Scholarships Camperships for needy kids in grades 4 and 5
Washtenaw Camp Placement Camperships for needy kids


Attendees included the following:

  • Approximately 20 representatives of the 12 funded organizations attended.
  • Four board members attended and introduced themselves to the gathering.
  • Members of the CAC were represented with six people.
  • Several other RCAA members also attended.

After introductions were completed, a brief overview of Rotary was given and then each organization had two minutes to describe the project that Rotary was supporting for this year.

The overwhelming impression of the event was positive:

    1. Organization leaders enjoyed meeting each other and hearing about the projects. An interesting dynamic from the event is that for many of the agencies it was the first time they met each other! They are somewhat isolated due to Covid working arrangements and the sheer pace of their work.
    2. Appreciation of Rotary support was clearly expressed by several speakers.

This is a great example of your annual Community Allocations donation in December of each year going to good work!